An American Airlines plane aborted takeoff after 2 of its tires were blown to shreds on the runway

An American Airlines flight aborted takeoff at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday after two of the plane's tires exploded on the runway, Fox 5 News first reported.

The Boeing 737-800 plane, headed for Phoenix, Arizona, came to a stop on the tarmac after its tires shredded, an American spokesperson told Insider.

Photos of the two destroyed tires on the left-hand-side of the plane were shared on Twitter.

The spokesperson said that there were no reports of injuries among the six crew members and 142 passengers onboard.

The passengers were removed from the aircraft and shuttled back to the terminal by bus, according to the spokesperson

They were put on another flight to Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport, the spokesperson said.

The plane was towed away and will be evaluated by American's maintenance team, the spokesperson added.

Tuesday's incident comes two days after two other American flights were diverted due to passenger disruptions.

One flight from Los Angeles to Washington, DC had to be diverted to Kansas City, Missouri, because of a passenger's "erratic behavior," American told Insider.

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