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Cabinet approves appointment of 7 sub-committees

The Cabinet has approved the appointment of 7 sub-committees as part of the Task Force for Rebuilding the Grenadian Economy.

The sub-committees have been identified based on the productive sectors and Cabinet has also approved the appointment of chairpersons for each sub-committee.

They are as follows:

§ Tourism and Citizenship by Investment (CBI), chaired by Patricia Maher

§ Construction (Private and Public), chaired by Hon. Gregory Bowen

§ Education Services – St George’s University, chaired by Hon. Emmalin Pierre

§ Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, chaired by Hon. Oliver Joseph

§ Agriculture and Fisheries, chaired by Fitzroy James

§ Wholesale & Retail Trade & Manufacturing, chaired by Hon. Anthony Boatswain

§ E-Commerce/Digitisation, chaired by Richard Duncan

Membership of the sub-committees ranges between 6 and 12 people and a health sector expert is included on each sub-committee to ensure that the relevant considerations are incorporated into the discussions for rebuilding the economy.

According to the terms of reference developed for the sub-committees, they are responsible for documenting the current situation in their respective sectors; identifying immediate, short and medium-term priorities; developing a phased implementation plan for identified priorities, identifying the resources required for such implementation and the potential risks associated, as well as mitigating measures.

The sub-committees are also expected to examine the prospects for new entrepreneurship activities in each sector and engage non-associated groups/individuals to promote inter-sectoral collaboration.

The sub-committees will work collaboratively with The Working Group of the National Sustainable Development Plan 2020-2035 to ensure alignment of new sectoral priorities, post Covid-19.

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, who chairs the Task Force for Rebuilding the Grenadian Economy, has expressed full confidence in the persons appointed to be part of the initiative.

He said, “We have managed to put together teams of competent individuals from both the public and private sectors, who we believe through their own engagement and collaboration with other stakeholders, will be able to offer astute guidance on rebuilding Grenada’s economy. Government has always been inclusive in its approach to the growth and development of this country and the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic illustrates the importance of this collaborative approach and we have reinforced our commitment to that.”

The Prime Minister expects to have the initial report of all sub-committees by 15 May 2020.

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