Changes made to entry protocol

Grenada has made some significant changes to its entry protocols and Covid-19 regulations as the Ministry of Health along with the Covid-19 task force, adopting measures that will create a balance between saving lives and livelihoods.

“Our entry protocol will now be accepting antigen testing within 24 hours of arrival to Grenada and will continue with PCR testing within 72 hours of arrival. So that change will be antigen testing within 24 hours,” announced Dr Tyhiesia Donald, Acting Chief Medical Officer, during the Tuesday, 15 February 2022, Post-Cabinet briefing.

“I know that this is a very good change for persons in the diaspora because PCR is very difficult to access, and it has been a problem. A lot of flights have been cancelled because of the inability to get results on time. Therefore, with this new testing we expect persons will be very happy and we will have more arrivals coming to Grenada,” she said.

With regards to contact tracing, she said that the virus is everywhere because of community spread, and as a result, the books are no longer used to contact persons who may be exposed. “We thought it will be necessary to have a stop to this. When you go to the supermarkets you no longer have to sign in,” she said.

What will happen now is that individuals will continue to have their temperature checked, and where it’s required, vaccination status cards will also be presented.

Dr Donald also announced that passengers arriving via the Maurice Bishop International Airport will not be treated differently to those who are arriving via cruise ships. All passengers entering Grenada must be vaccinated, but those entering via cruise ships are not allowed to socialise outside of the tourism bubble.

“For all tourists whether you enter by sea or air you are free to walk around and experience our attractions sites,” she announced.

Health Minister Nickolas Steele said that the new measures go into effect immediately.

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