COVID-19: Here's what you need to know today


KINGSTON, Jamaica — The number of confirmed COVID-19 infections worldwide has surpassed 29 million, while 924,968 people across 196 countries and territories have died and over 19.3 million people have recovered from the virus. Many countries have eased restrictions, but in recent weeks some have had to reimpose measures due to resurgence in the number of infections.

— Jamaica recorded two additional COVID-19 related deaths and 162 new cases today, bringing the country's overall death toll to 44 and the total number of positive cases to 3,933.

— The United Kingdom, which has suffered Europe’s deadliest coronavirus outbreak, yesterday recorded 3,330 new cases of COVID-19. This is the country’s third running day recording over 3,000 cases since May.

— Italy yesterday added another 1,458 coronavirus infections to its official tally on the eve of the return to school for most Italian students for the first time since March.

— A global development agency reported today that the world's 20 major industrialised nations have seen their economies shrink in an unprecedented manner between April and June amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

— The World Health Organization's COVID-19 dashboard showed today a new one-day record high had been reached at 307,930 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus.

— The United States has so far recorded 194,081 deaths, making it the hardest-hit country. Meanwhile, Brazil has recorded 131,625 deaths, India 79,722, Mexico 70,821, and Britain 41,628.

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