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Fatal vehicle accident in Westerhall

In what’s being described as the worst vehicular accident in Grenada in recent years, three lives were lost when a Garbage Truck slammed into a Mini bus transporting passengers along the Westerhall Main road this afternoon.

A senior police officer told THE NEWS that three persons apparently died from injuries sustained in the accident.

“I just spoke to an officer at the station (and) he stated that two confirmed (dead persons) on the scene and the ambulance driver has just returned and he stated that another one died on the way down and another one is in critical condition,” he said.

A business owner in the area who was contacted said that she counted what appeared to be two dead bodies inside the Bus Registration number HAK 82.

“The two that I saw – they definitely didn’t look like they were going to make it. I am not sure how many (dead) – if it’s two or three,” she said.

According to the resident, the local Funeral Agency of La Qua Brothers were spotted on the scene and apparently waiting on the final word from the medical doctor in order to remove the bodies.

She said it was a “terrible accident” and was pretty much sure that in her capacity as a person who is qualified in First Aid that one of the person she saw appeared to have died on the spot in the accident.

She spoke of a badly injured lady inside the bus.

“I looked at the lady – and of course you can’t help her because you can’t move her so she’s pumping blood like crazy,” she said.

According to the eyewitness, it seemed as if the lady’s nose fell off completely from her face.

“She was right behind the driver – it’s gruesome, it’s horrible”.

THE NEWS understand that the accident involved a garbage truck owned by Thomas Waste that was travelling in the direction of Westerhall into the city and a bus which was taking passengers home from St George and into the St David direction.

The driver of the truck alleged that he lost brake coming down the incline of the road before it slammed into the bus which ended up on a wall after the impact.

Residents who ran to the scene of the accident reported seeing passengers who looked to be either dead or badly injured or pinned inside the bus.

Several regular police vehicles, along with members of the Special Services Unit (SSU) and the Fire Station arrived on the scene within minutes of the deadly accident.

Three ambulances transported the injured to the St. George’s General Hospital.

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