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Grenada minister fears community spread of COVID-19 is taking place

Grenada is bracing for possible community spread of COVID-19 after a man with no travel history or contact with previous patients began exhibiting symptoms.

In a live broadcast on Monday, Minister of Health Nickolas Steele told Grenadians they were awaiting final conformation on the exact status.

Steele said the man was admitted to the General Hospital on Sunday, and was administered X-rays and tests which are showing symptoms of COVID-19. The man was placed in isolation. The results are expected later today, but the Minister said they were treating it as “a presumptive positive”.

“Until now, all confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Grenada have been imported or import-related. This current individual has no travel history, and, as yet, we are unable to determine that the individual has had any contact with those previously infected,” Steele explained.

In the meantime, the employer has been informed and the other employees have been told to self-isolate.

Steele said health officials were concerned that people who were not showing symptoms might be infected, and carriers, who were also not showing symptoms, might be infecting others.

“We must therefore prepare ourselves for the possibility of a community spread of COVID-19 in Grenada,” a very grave looked Minister of Health said.

He asked citizens and residents to be vigilant and cautious as health officials carry out their investigations and contact tracing.

Steele also reminded them of the public health precautions, including washing hands; basic good hygiene; avoid touching the face, eyes, nose and mouth; practising physical distancing and the wearing of masks or suitable face coverings in public.

“Our health during this pandemic is our collective responsibility and each of us must do our part to protect the other. It is the only way we can win this battle,” Steele said.

Grenada has recorded 14 cases of COVID-19. (SAT)

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