Grenadians Reflecting On The Fort George Massacre 38 Years Ago That Crumbled The PRG

October 19 marks 42 years since the People’s Revolutionary Government crumbled, with the execution of Prime Minister, Maurice and several of his Cabinet Colleagues at Fort George, the then Fort Rupert.

38 years ago, Grenada was in turmoil with political infighting between factions in the PRG, which erupted in that fateful day, where the Revolutionary Military Council (RMC) staged a coup to take control.

Prime Minister Bishop, together with Jacqueline Creft, was placed under house arrest for several days and on this day October 19, 1983, there was a mobilization of the Nation’s people, prompted by school children particularly in the St. Andrew area going into the city demanding the Prime Minister’s release.

After his release, he directed the demonstration forces to Fort George and from there all hell broke loose.

These turn of events remains vividly on the minds of Grenadians, and, in reflection, we took our microphones to the streets to hear the views of citizens, 38 years on, and, there was a story to tell.

A Grenadian National explaining his experience on October 19, with the turmoil up the Fort.

Hearing the explosion and seeing people scampering he took cover and felt for a moment that he lost consciousness, somewhat stupefied.

There is the general feeling that the history of the occasion is muddled up in too much secrecy and a call is being made for those who were directly involved to come clean on the issue.

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