Man killed as gunmen ambush taxi

The front seat passenger in a taxi was yesterday shot dead by a gunmen who blocked the taxi’s path along the road.

The victim has been identified as Dane Elvis Thompson, 37, of Gomez Avenue, Brazil Village, San Rafael.

Thompson was employed at the Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation.

According to a police report, Thompson, who was dressed in a full blue coverall and insulated black boots, entered a taxi in Brazil Village around 7.10 am to head to work.

short while afterwards, however, an AD wagon pulled in front of the taxi and armed men inside the vehicle opened fire on Thompson.

Thompson, who was shot multiple times, managed to get out of the taxi and attempted to run away but eventually collapsed face down on the road where he died.

The taxi driver, police said, was not injured in the gun attack and managed to stop his vehicle, get out and run to safety. However, his vehicle was hit by several bullets and sustained damage to its body and bonnet.

Investigations are continuing.

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