Man killed during election celebration in Westmoreland

WESTMORELAND, Jamaica — A man was stabbed and killed during election celebrations in Savanna-la-Mar about 1:50 this afternoon.

Reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that a group of party supporters was gathered at a gas station located at Dunbar's River in the Westmoreland capital, when an altercation developed between two of the revellers.

People claiming to be eyewitnesses reported that one man was stabbed and the other chopped, which triggered a riot. Police who were on the scene fired multiple shots in the air to disperse the crowd, which ended the celebrations prematurely.

The incident was confirmed by the Savanna-la-Mar police, who stated that the man who was stabbed succumbed to his injuries and the person with the chop wounds is currently being treated at hospital.

No arrests have been made, the police said.

The Jamaica Labour Party yesterday closed the general elections with a massive upset in the parish, walking away with all three seats and winning the overall election.

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