OAS Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Studies and Graduate Research Scholarship

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, FEB. 9, 2022 – The Department of Human Development, Education and Employment of the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDIDHDEE) in collaboration with the Government of Grenada, has placed a call for applications for the Academic Scholarship Programme for graduate and undergraduate studies and/or graduate research for 2022. Applicants are advised that scholarships for undergraduate studies are given ONLY for the last two (2) years of a bachelor’s degree programme. Scholarships are tenable at academic institutions of any OAS member state participating countries. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply to institutions participating in the OAS Consortium of Universities. Candidates must apply directly for admission to their desired programs of study. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Applicants MUST: - be a citizen living in Grenada; - be in good physical and mental health to complete the programme; - possess the language competence to undertake the studies in the country of study; - be enrolled as full-time students in the program of study, which the scholarship is being applied for, between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022; - agree to return and reside in the sponsoring country for a minimum period of no less than twenty-four (24) months after completing the program of study covered by the OAS scholarship; - applicants for online studies must agree to remain in the sponsoring country for the same period of time. VALUE OF THE AWARD: 1. Tuition and mandatory fees (maximum of US$10,000 per academic year per scholarship recipient) 2. Health Insurance 3. Monthly complementary subsistence allowance 4. Roundtrip air ticket 5. Books/study materials TYPES OF SCHOLARSHIPS: 1. Undergraduate Scholarships are offered to candidates to carry out studies in a university of their choice, for the last two (2) academic years of study leading to a bachelor’s degree. To apply for an undergraduate scholarship, an applicant must: • Be enrolled in the program of study and be eligible to graduate within 2 academic years starting between January 1 and December 31, 2022, or; • Have an admission letter to a university for the last two (2) years of an undergraduate program that leads to a bachelor’s degree and complete the program of studies within 2 academic years. 2. Graduate Scholarships are offered to candidates to carry out graduate studies in a university of their choice (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree) between January 1 and December 31, 2022. To apply for a graduate scholarship, an applicant must: • have obtained a first university degree (bachelor’s) by the time they submit their scholarship application; • be enrolled in the program of study and have at least one academic year left from the date of the scholarship offer, or • be accepted into the university where he or she plans to study. Scholarship Application Documents and Forms: • The graduate online application form is available at: https://www.oas.org/fms/Announcement.aspx?id=1127&Type=1&Lang=eng • The undergraduate online application form is available at: https://www.oas.org/fms/Announcement.aspx?id=1126&Type=1&Lang=eng Applicants are required to submit ONE (1) copy of the following documents to the office of the Human Resource Development Division (Scholarship Desk), at the Ministry of Education: 1. Completed online application form; 2. Certified copy of ALL academic certificates and diploma for the highest degree obtained; 3. Certified copy of transcript of grades for the highest academic degree completed and/or to be completed. If the applicant is currently enrolled in a program of study, he/she will also need to submit the current, unofficial transcript; 4. Proof of registration or unconditional admission letter to the program of study; 5. Two (2) recommendation letters from current or former, professor, supervisor, business leader, etc., stamped and/or signed. If unemployed or never employed, the candidate may obtain recommendations from whom they think can give academic, professional or personal references; Recommendation letters must be written and signed by the recommenders. (No relatives of the applicant). Letters can be sent via email 6. Curriculum Vitae (must not exceed 2 pages); 7. Certified copy of the official identification card (ID) – government issued ID and passport biodata page; 8. For undergraduate applicants only: certified copy of academic transcript for the bachelor’s degree program currently enrolled in. Applicants who intend to transfer credits from previous studies, to undertake only the last two (2) academic years of a bachelor’s degree program, must submit copies of the diploma and transcripts for the associate degree previously obtained. Interested applicants are kindly requested to visit www.oas.org/scholarships to access additional information on this OAS scholarship. The DEADLINE by which completed applications should be submitted to the Human Resource Development Division at the Ministry of Education is on or before April 6, 2022. For further information, please contact the Human Resource Development Division/Scholarship Desk/Ministry Education at telephone numbers: (473) 440-2737/2738 or email hrd@moe.edu.gd ##

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