PM Mitchell pleads for Grenadian medical professionals outside country to return

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell has made a plea for Grenadian doctors and other medically trained personnel who are residing outside of the country to return and help the healthcare system which is currently stretched because of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

“We have trained hundreds of doctors in this country,” he said, disclosing that he has personally made calls to Grenadian family members in the region and diaspora to encourage their relatives who are in the medical profession to come and contribute to the healthcare system.

“I have called on family members whether they have nurses and so on, to come and give 2 weeks. We need you; your country needs you. We need everybody to come at this time,” he said during the weekly post-cabinet briefing on Tuesday, 28 September 2021.

Admitting that the nursing staff at all healthcare facilities are overstretched, he said that they cannot manage every facility, and volunteers are needed to turn community centres into temporary clinics for testing and vaccination for Covid-19. “Clinics need to be opened so that people can get the service when they need it. The more we cooperate the more we help them and help ourselves, it will be better for us,” Dr Mitchell said.

Using the opportunity to thank and praise the various medical teams who have returned to Grenada to assist with the ongoing community spread of the virus, it is the Prime Minister’s wish that others will take a page from them and voluntarily offer their service to the country’s healthcare system.

The Prime Minister said that he is hopeful that Grenada will soon get over this wave of the virus. “I am confident, we have passed through many storms before, this is another. This is probably the biggest storm because no country has ever dealt with a virus, a pandemic of the entire society which is what all countries in the world are facing,” he said. Dr Mitchell is calling on citizens to become vaccinated.

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