Prime Minister and Minister reiterated the call for compliance with the 24-hour curfew.

Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr the Rt Hon. Keith Mitchell, has reiterated the call for compliance with the 24-hour curfew and the accompanying regulations.

During a press conference on Monday evening, in which he announced the extension of the curfew to 7 am on 20 April 2020, Dr Mitchell said, “Government must continue to take actions in the interest of public safety and public health, to safeguard you, the citizens of this country, our greatest asset.”

Calling on the general public to adhere to the stipulated regulations, the Prime Minister said, “Government cannot do this alone; you must help us to help you. I cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone to remain confined to their place of residence during the curfew, so that we can minimise the potential spread of the virus in our community.”

Dr Mitchell expressed empathy for the frustrating experience some persons are facing, but he stressed that public health and safety are of paramount importance. Delivering an opening statement at the start of the press briefing, he said, “We understand your frustrations and sacrifices, and we continue to modify our approaches, but there is no perfect solution. We will continue to explore best practices, with one goal: to keep this nation and its people safe.”

The Prime Minister acknowledged that the pandemic has created many challenges, but gave assurances that concerted efforts are being made to address them in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Dr Mitchell noted too that Grenada’s success in the fight against Covid-19 depends on our collective efforts and he urged the population to continue to demonstrate that we are indeed our brother’s keeper.

Office of the Prime Minister

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