Religious Affairs Minister thankful for national days of spiritual reflection

Minister for Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information, Hon. Emmalin Pierre extends profound gratitude to all stakeholders — spiritual leaders, the media, organisations and individuals, who coordinated, facilitated and contributed to the National Days of Spiritual Reflection and Prayer.

It was held during the weekend of 25–26 September under the theme, ‘A Call to Return to God.’

Minister Pierre is pleased that the nation was given intentional moments to connect with God and be renewed, through fervent prayer from faith leaders and ministers of religion, and to be uplifted by the praise and worship teams that participated in the much-needed spiritual activity. She feels encouraged by the participation of the viewing and listening public, at home and in the diaspora.

The Religious Affairs Minister believes more of this type of community worship is needed, particularly at this time, as Grenada moves through a difficult period, sparked by the current Covid-19 crisis.

Minister Pierre added that the National Days of Spiritual Reflection and Prayer should be a catalyst for continued prayer and worship, and not a one-time personal engagement between individuals and God.

She encourages Grenadians to continue to trust God and look to Him for a complete healing of the nation, knowing that God is able. The Minister also hinted that Government will look into making this an annual activity.

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