Senator Victor Phillip makes Parliamentary history

First Member of Parliament to be sworn into office via Zoom platform

  • Instruments of Appointment via official hand delivery from Governor-General’s office

  • Unclear who Phillip replaces in the 13-member Senate

Victor Phillip who became Grenada’s newest senator on 29 September 2021 is the first Member of Parliament to be sworn into office by used of video conferencing with the use of the Zoom platform.

His Instruments of Appointment to be the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education will be presented to him by use of official hand delivery communication from the Office of the Governor-General.

However, he will take his oath of office as a Senator when the Upper House of Parliament resumes. The Houses of Parliament are currently prorogued and are scheduled to resume in October with the traditional ceremonial opening.

In March 2021, Phillip who is a lecturer at the T A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) was elected by the New National Party (NNP) constituency support group to become the new caretaker for the constituency of St Patrick West. He formerly served as the Campaign Manager for Anthony Boatswain who is the current Member of Parliament for the area, but who indicated since 2018 that he will not be contesting further general elections.

Boatswain currently serves as Deputy Speaker in the Lower House of Parliament and in late 2018 had a temporary post as Minister for Labour in the absence of Peter David.

It is not clear who Phillip will replace in the 13-member Senate because the Government has not yet issued a statement. “We will definitely know the Government senator he is replacing when the Senate resumes because whoever he is replacing will be missing,” said one high-ranking official who prefers not to be named.

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