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Statement from Hon. Delma Thomas

As Minister for Social Development, Housing & Community Empowerment, I pay public tribute to the staff and team members of my Ministry, in particular, the Division of Social Services; who have remained steadfastly on the job, working beyond the call of duty throughout this Covid-19 pandemic.

These individuals have yielded exemplary work through extremely difficult circumstances in the face of this crisis.

Their work has truly been an inspiration.

I am impressed with their commitment towards serving our country on the frontlines. I hereby stand in support of first responders, as they continue to risk their lives in the battle of this dreaded coronavirus.

I also acknowledge the tremendous work of the team at the Psycho-social Support Unit, whose services have proven invaluable, rendering care and support to hundreds of people experiencing difficulty in coping with the current realities.

The team at the SEED Unit, which worked beyond the call of duty to ensure that all beneficiaries received their grant payments on-time – having it delivered to them at a time when the lockdown had made it impossible.

To the members of the Grenadian community who have also been supportive and patient, we say thank you.

To the members of staff who remain in service to the community, often volunteering their time and resources to go the extra mile, I salute you and encourage you to hold strong in this battle, as we forge ahead to the finish line of this deadly pandemic. Your dedication and commitment are commendable and must be lauded.

All members of staff have worked diligently, and as the Minister, I am extremely proud.

We are in this together. Therefore, we must work together and finish this fight together.

Hon. Delma Thomas, Minister for Social Development

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